Magic Dumpling Entertainment



Magic Dumpling Entertainment is an animation development company incorporated under the laws of the People’s Republic of China and headquartered in Beijing. Magic Dumpling creates entertaining stories and appealing characters for family audiences within mainland China and around the world. Our company is staffed and managed by a seasoned team of animation professionals from China and the United States, possessing a successful combination of entrepreneurial experience and major studio production knowledge. This in-house team is complemented by an insightful advisory board comprised of distinguished figures in the U.S. and Chinese animation and media industries.

As a company, Magic Dumpling brings two core values to the table: the first is high-quality intellectual property (IP) development, encompassing story and design; the second is world-class production experience & guidance, with animation in general and 3D stereoscopic feature films in particular. Magic Dumpling’s development properties are sourced to qualified Chinese animation studios, providing flexible and scalable production capacity with low overhead. Artist training, technical consultation and production guidance is provided by Magic Dumpling as needed in order to ensure the best possible quality from our production partners.


  • Kevin Geiger